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Senior Cricket Results Week 4

Senior Cricket Results

The best individual bowling/batting performances in brackets.

1st XI T20 vs Heaton Bulls

LOST by 9 wickets (H Dearden 81, J Smith-Butler 1/30)

2nd XI T20 vs Bradshaw Bullets

WON by 18 runs (A Waddicar 84*, S Mahal 2/13)

1st XI vs Denton West WON by 3 wickets (M Shore 3/56, J Smith-Butler 71)

2nd XI vs Unsworth LOST by 12 runs (F Ahmed 2/46, C Hegg 85)

3rd XI vs South West Manchester LOST by 7 wickets (J Begg 73, J Begg 1/20) 4th XI vs East Lancs Paper Mill WON by 22 runs (M Davies 99*, S Kelly 62, A Ormrod 3/19) Nearly another ton in an illustrious career for our groundsman Mike Davies, and a maiden senior half-century for our junior player Seth!


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