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Junior Cricket Awards 2022

Congratulations to all our junior players for a spectacular summer of cricket and well done to the players that won awards last night. Our juniors demonstrated such focus, determination, commitment, and enthusiasm this season- it’s been a pleasure to watch them grow in confidence whilst having so much fun together.

They have created such wonderful memorable moments throughout the season and the junior coaches are very proud.

Batting prize

U11A - Rupert H

U11B - Thomas C

U13A - Rupert H

U13B - Ethan W

U15 - Jonas E

Bowling prize

U11A - Jacob K

U11B - Max S

U13A - Ben S

U13B - Emily C

U15 - Zack R

Player of the Season

U9 - Sam R

U11A - Alice P

U11B (x2) - Thomas C / Chris F

U13A - Will R

U13B - Oscar T

U15 - Zack R

Performance of the Season

U9 - Elizabeth P

U11A - Rupert H

U13A - Will R

U13B - Alfie K

U15 - George G

Most Improved Player

U9 - Jack W

U11A - Jacob W

U11B - Hannah S

U13A - Will R

U13B (x2) - Rebecca P / Jack D

U15 - Tom P


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