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Senior Cricket Results - WC 17/06/24

The best individual bowling/batting performances in brackets.

1st XI vs Bradshaw

Won by 121 runs (C Brownlow 80, A Ghaus 4/44)

1st XI vs Heyside (Cup)

Won by 7 wickets (A Ghaus 5/12, J Smith-Butler 30*)

1st XI T20 vs Egerton Earthquakes

Won by 4 wickets (A Ghaus 4/10, T Rogers 52)

1st Women vs Didsbury (Cup)

Won by 120 runs (O Thomas 168*, A Punam 2/23)

1st Women vs Penwortham

Won by 95 runs (R Parkinson 47, M Hasmat 2/1, R Parkinson 2/1)

2nd XI vs Shaw

Won by 2 wickets (J Whittaker 6/28, C Hegg 13)

2nd XI vs Westhoughton (Cup)

Lost by 7 wickets (C Hegg 24, J Whittaker 1/9)

2nd XI vs Westhoughton Warriors (T20)

Tied (K Shields 3/18, Z Walmsley 26*)

3rd XI vs Bolton Indians

Won by 49 runs (S Mahal 119, M Fern 2/10)

4th XI vs Woodbank

Lost by 6 wickets (W Robinson 40, W Robinson 2/19)


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