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Darts Board Back!

Dartboard Covid-19 Rules

  • Maximum of two players per game – maintain social distancing at all times

  • Throwing player to type their own score into scoreboard, then stand on the cross, awaiting turn

  • No sharing of darts – please bring your own. If using ‘club darts’ these must be sanitised before use by another member

  • Do not lick fingers to improve grip – pause game and sanitise immediately if you forget

  • Spectators to remain seated & socially distanced

  • Hand sanitiser to be used and scoreboard sanitised with wipes before and after play

  • Dartboard only available during quieter days, Mon – Thurs. At weekends,use will be at the discretion of management, based on occupancy levels and reviewed every 30 mins

  • Dartboard to be removed if rules being breached


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