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Update from the Chairman: 25th April 2020

I hope you and your families are safe and well.

Mike and his team continue their excellent job in tending to the field in the hope that cricket will resume later in the summer. Mike believes that it has been the first time in the club’s history that the square has had to be watered in April!

Those of you who have gone past the cricket club this week will have seen the road plannings used as a base to improve the health and safety of the Barlow car park. A new concrete base has also been laid at the entrance to again improve the safety of pedestrians and avoid damage to cars. Many thanks to all the members who freely gave up their time during the week to undertake this hard work and to minimise the cost to the cricket club. Social distancing was maintained at all times.

On Tuesday, whilst the work was taking place, an article was published in the Lancashire Telegraph regarding plans to place double yellow lines on Bolton Road. Surprisingly, neither ourselves nor the Barlow had been informed.

This would inevitably result in a greater demand for parking spaces on the Barlow’s car park.

With this as a consideration, and the fact that the road planings would only improve the car park for 1-2 years, I am pleased to inform you that on Thursday, the ECRC Committee and Barlow Trustees agreed to collaboratively fund the laying of a 50mm tarmac layer on top of the new base. Parking spaces will then be marked out, thereby optimising the capacity of the 1,350 sq metre area. The dust bowl will be no more!

Thanks to a member of the cricket club who regularly utilises a tarmac company through his professional capacity, we will undertake the works at a fantastic price.

Speed was of the essence, due to the current availability of the tarmac contractor during these difficult times, if we were to obtain this price. My thanks to Mike Fay the chair of the Barlow, who quickly arranged a Zoom meeting to obtain the Trustees’ swift approval.

The area was surveyed yesterday and work will commence on Monday to further prep the base with the tarmac being laid on Tuesday. They will then return later in the week to paint the lines, including provision for disabled parking spaces.

Additionally, work to the exterior of the clubhouse is taking place with the wooden panelling of the pre-existing clubhouse being sanded down and re-painted. The fencing around the decking will be next to be painted to be a better match to the extension.

Many thanks to all of the fantastic volunteers who are giving their time to undertake these improvement works.

Dave Enright

Chair, ECRC


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