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A presentation on Sport Psychology 24/02/23

Friday 24th February 7:30pm at the club.

A presentation on Sport Psychology by Chris Harwood Ph.D C.Psychol, Professor of Sport Psychology, Loughborough University.

Chris is one of the countries leading Sports Psychologist. He and his Mum Anne sponsor the trophy for young cricketers making an impact on senior cricket in the name of his late father Keith Harwood.

Chris works with several professional cricket teams along with several Premier League football teams. He is going to share his thoughts on Sport Psychology with the aim of giving Coaches, Parents and players a psychological edge which will aid sporting development.

This is an open invite for senior players (suitable for all over 13 years old), parents, team managers and coaches to attend. I see this as a one off chance to listen to and ask questions to Chris who is leading figure in this field. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity for most!


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