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A Message from the Chairman

ECRC Coronavirus Update

The thought of loss of life certainly put things into perspective, and I understand that priorities have turned into trivialities in many aspects of life, virtually overnight. But I’d just like to give you an update on how the challenging times are impacting the club and how we are mitigating some of the issues.

Obviously, the club is now closed and will be for the foreseeable future. There will be no cricket until the end of May, at the earliest.

You may see the front door shutter open from time to time. Dan will be undertaking periodic checks on the building and cellar to ensure we remain good to go once the all clear is given. A ‘spring clean’ will be done on the decking area.

Work has commenced on the run up to the new fixed nets. Please note that Government advice on social distancing means that the practise facility must not be used at this time. Once the restrictions are relaxed, I am sure that both junior and senior training will be very popular before cricket re-starts competitively, so it is important that this work is completed in a timely manner when we can.

Grass continues to grow, so Mike and the team will be working on the square and outfield.

Graham Wright is once again kindly tending to the garden outside the front door.

Plans have been drawn up the smarten the exterior appearance of the clubhouse (bins, barrels etc) and we are hoping that some of this work will be undertaken during the period we are closed.

All the above activities will be conducted in line with social distancing guidelines from the Government.

Our costs have been reduced/frozen in many areas including Sky TV/BT Sports, Carlsberg equipment rental, outstanding brewery payments, cricket equipment, utilities etc.

We are investigating Government support through:

· VAT and PAYE deferral

· Grants and a reclaim for furloughed employees

· Alcohol duty reclaim

We are also in discussion with the LCCC and GMCL regarding potential support and cost minimisation.

The new website is progressing well and will be launched shortly.

As we are unsure how long we will be closed for, and in light of the fact that barrels of beer/lager have a shelf life, if you have facilities at home and would be interested in purchasing one at cost, please let Dan know.

In the medium term we will be developing plans for a ‘Cricket Is Back’ day, discussing sponsorship opportunities, together with holding other fundraising and community events that will be crucial as society looks to bounce back from this terrible virus.

As cashflow is important at this time, I am sure you will understand that we will have to suspend the 500 club draw until such point that the club reopens.

Already, since the postponement was announced, nine of the senior cricketers have paid their subscriptions for the year, resulting in over £2,000 in cash for the club. This is absolutely fantastic, thanks to all.

In addition, a number of social members have contacted me asking if they could help the club through this period by paying for their membership immediately. Tomorrow, you will receive another email detailing how this can be done so please look out for this and help our club through this difficult time. (Click the membership page above)

We will keep you updated as soon as further information is available, in the meantime, here is a link to the ECB and League’s websites and remember to follow Government advice

If you have any suggestions or if the team can assist you in any manner feel free to contact Dan or myself.

Many thanks and stay safe.

Dave Enright

Chair, ECRC


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