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3 Legged Race Cancelled

We are sad not to be taking part this year, but donations are still very much welcome- check out Ellie's post below

Edgworth 2020 Three Legged Race Donations

It is with great sadness that this year’s event will not be going ahead, however this does not stop us doing what we all do best in coming together and donating to Cancer Research.

COVID-19 has slowed us all down, but not Cancer... Clinical trials are being postponed and fundraising has fallen, so research had to put on hold. But this research saves lives!

1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime, which is why Cancer Research are absolutely determined to continue life-saving research. The research that will make treatments kinder, less disruptive and ultimately, will save lives.

Cancer Research are expecting to see a £160 million drop in fundraising income between now and March 2021. Put into context, £160 million is what they would spend on clinical trials over the next 10 years. A drop in fundraising income of this scale would not only be felt by the current researchers, but could also impact future life-saving breakthroughs.

To save lives tomorrow, they need your help today. Please help by donating, fundraising or sharing this message.

Together we will still beat cancer!

Roll on 2021...

To donate please click here


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