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BBQ Bash


BBQ Battle 2024 A3.jpg
  • Ticket cost £15 per person, payable in advance and the numbers are limited

  • How this works - your purchase of this ticket puts you on our list for the event 'BBQ Bash" scheduled for Sunday 5th May.  On your arrival, you will receive 3 vouchers to 'spend' on the variety of items available at either the Australia or England BBQ stations (you can purchase form either or both so have a good look first).  The food will be ready from 4.30pm.  

  • At 6.30 / 7pm, the team with the most votes / vouchers in their bucket will be hailed 2024 champions of the BBQ Bash.

  • Children - parents may choose to subdivide and share vouchers from one ticket purchase of £15 between children to create smaller portions if they wish

  • In the event of extreme weather forecast, the BBQ Bash may need to be postponed to a later date

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