500 Club

When we were looking for ways to finance our new changing rooms and clubhouse, we couldn't have done it without our amazing members! Hundreds of people from our local community generously lent the club £500 which paid for a majority of the building costs.

Regular draws take place in the club and winners receive £550, with the final draw taking place in April 2024.

Click the video below to reveal the latest winner!

Draw Date: 29/07/22

Next Draw Date: 12/08/22

Thank you to our 500 Club Members:

Wayne Adams
Tony Bailey
Alisa Bancroft
Julian Bancroft
Rob Bancroft
Mike Barnwell
Pam Barnwell
Mary Battersby
Ian Begg
Chris Bentley
Ian Blackledge
Greg Boyes
John Briggs
Roy Burton
Harry Campbell
Geraldine Cardwell
Richard Cardwell
Chris Carley
John Cass
Ceri Childs
Gordon Childs
Alan Clemence
Mark Close
Louise Close
Barry Cooper
David Cornfield
Andy Cornfield
Peter Costello
Alistair Craig
Sophie Craig
Karen Critchley
Dave Critchley
Paul Crowe
Sandra Crowe

Jessica Crowe
Mike Davies
Frank Dearnaley
Mike Duxbury
David Enright
Joesph Enright
Tony Faulkner
Paul Finch
Brian Frew
Lyra Frew
Brian Fryer
Joyce Fryer
Dan Fyans
Phil Fyans
Sue Gernon
John Gosling
Antony Grace
Philip Grundy
Paul Harrison
David Haslam
Karen Haslam
Guy Haynes
Jo Hegg
Susan Hewitt
Adam Hinchsliff
Bryn Hinchsliff
Julie Holliday
Nick Holliday
Andrea Hough
Nathan Hough
Tony Hough
Will Hurst
Howard Jackson

Lynn Jackson
Cath James
Mark James
Chris Jones
Terry Kakoullis
Andy Kay
Dave Kehoe
Andy Keogh
Matt Keogh
Mark Kershaw
Andy King
Jacqui Law
Geoff Law
Dave Lea
Ken Leary
James Lever
Robert Lever
Jean Leversedge
Ron Leversedge
Allison Lord
Simon Lord
Phil McDermott
Beth McGuinness
Sherril Moden
Jimmy Naylor
Heather Newman
Holly Newman
Jeff Newman
Rory O'Rourke
Jimmy Phillips
Joe Phillips
Phil Quinn
Rita Quinn

Diane Radcliffe
Chris Ramwell
Chris Rogers
Barry Scanlon
Adam Shackleton
Tom Simpson
Stephen Small
Jimmy Smallwood
Lloyd Smith
Martin Smith
Chris Sutton
Rick Swift
Carole Taylor
Roy Taylor
Andrew Terry
Dave Thornley
Ashlea Thornton
Denver Thornton
Joanna Thornton
Nigel Truswell
Emily Walton
Andrew Warman
Katherine Warman
Mick Webber
Steve Wignall
Leonard Wild
Peter Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson
Bob Winser
Tricia Wolfenden
David Wolfenden
Alan Woodward
Graham Wright