Sam Bancroft

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Batting position:
Bowling style:
Wicket Keeper
ECRC Cricketing Highlight:
40 victims in a season. Winning league and 2 cups in 2nd XI
All-time Favourite cricketer:
Mike Davies & Jimmy Anderson
Music to walk out to:
Thunderstruck - AC/DC


A non-traditional gym specialising in personal training and tailored functional conditioning workouts for individuals and groups of all ages and abilities!

Don’t be put off no mater what your age, gender, race or orientation.

KEPT Fit is an accepting and all inclusive community of likeminded individuals. whose only desire is to see you do well.

There are many obstacles in life but exercise should not be one.

The concept of strength and conditioning or even working in a group can seem daunting or make people feel apprehensive but whether it’s big lifts, explosive movements or the misconception that weight training will lead to bulkiness, we will help you manage all these feelings.