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Recent Announcements

Our reopening plan is now live.

Due to the numerous COVID lockdowns in 2020, we understand that some members may not feel like they got their "monies worth" with us only being open for 6 months of the year. For details on our partial refund offer, please click here.

The first draw for our 500 club will take place this Saturday. Keep an eye out on our 500 club page for the winner announcement!

The GMCL cricket season starts Saturday 17th April. For a full list of fixtures, please click here.

Don't forget to check out our awesome club leisurewear available for customers to purchase.

For 2021, we are launching new Matchday sponsorship packages which are for both companies and for personal use. These are fantastic value, check it out!

Finally, thank you so much to those of you who have renewed or joined as members of ECRC. The support has been incredible and membership funds provide a vital income stream for us to operate how we do.


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