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Edgworth CRC COVID Risk Assessment

COVID Information for Visiting Players, Spectators, and Umpires


Please note the car park is closed until c. June due to building works. Please be respectful to our neighbours when finding a place to park.

We have procedures in place which follow Government, ECB, and GMCL guidelines to keep anyone who visits the club safe. We respectfully ask that you follow our club rules to minimise the risk of transmission. Copies of our full risk assessments are available behind the bar.

It is incredibly important that anyone displaying COVID symptoms does not travel to the club:

  • high temperature

  • new/continuous cough

  • loss of taste/smell

For spectators, please read our reopening plan so you know what to expect. On match-days, visiting members of the away team will be allowed in our table-service area.

Cricket Rules

  • The changing rooms remain closed so you must turn up ‘ready to play’

  • The toilets upstairs and downstairs will be open

  • Store any valuables you have in your car

  • You must not share equipment, unless you are from the same household

  • You must not apply sweat or saliva to the ball

  • Cricket teas will not be provided, so please bring food with you

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the club but we recommend you bring some of your own

  • Your club captain will be asked for contact details for track & trace purposes on behalf of your team

  • Social distancing measures remain in place- on the cricket field you must stay distant from each other, even when celebrating a wicket

  • First aid and a defibrillator are behind the bar

  • After every 6 overs, the fielding captain will sanitise the ball using wipes provided by the club

We appreciate that these rules may feel a little prescriptive at first glance, but we all have a role to play in minimising the risk of transmission. We expect opposition players & spectators to be understanding of the procedures we have in place.


We will do our best to make you feel safe and we are sure you’ll have an enjoyable visit! 

Thank you

COVID Information for Edgworth CRC Captains

Below are some of the guidelines given to umpires and scorers by the ECB. As a club captain, please be aware of them and encourage our players to conform with the new rules:


  • Umpires will not hold onto players clothing as so players should place these over the boundary if possible

  • At the toss the home captain will provide the coin

  • No sweat or saliva to be placed on the ball, If seen the captain will be asked to sanitise the ball before carrying on

  • Players to remain socially distanced at all times

  • The ball should be passed directly to the bowler- not passed around the field

  • The umpires will not collect the ball at the fall of a wicket or at any breaks. The ball is to be placed at the base of the stumps

  • Only umpires will replace bails and remake the wickets. Umpires will leave the stumps in the ground at the end of the game

  • After every 6 overs, the fielding captain will sanitise the ball using wipes provided by the club

  • There will be no official drinks break

Failure to follow the guidelines will mean law 41 (unfair play) will be followed- after a first and final warning, 5 penalty runs will be issued. Law 42 (unacceptable behaviour) remains an option if umpires believe it to be appropriate.

A player intentionally moving within 1 metre of anyone else for non-cricketing purposes will be treated as a level 3 offence.

A player intentionally spitting or coughing at and within 2 metres of another person will be treated as a level 4 offence.

Please also remember that the Edgworth CRC Code of Conduct remains in place