2020 Refund

This offer has now expired.

Due to the numerous COVID lockdowns in 2020, we understand that some members may not feel like they got their "monies worth" with us only being open for 6 months of the year.

We are offering a 50% refund for the following 2020 membership categories:

  • Social (£16)

  • Social & Partner (£24)

  • Senior (£8)

  • Senior & Partner (£12)

  • The social part of Taverner (£16)

  • The social part of Taverner & Partner (£24)

Please print off and fill in the form below and hand in to Dan behind the bar for processing.

All refunds will be paid as cash regardless of original payment method.

Please allow 48 hours for the cash to be ready to pick up as almost all income over the bar is expected to be card payments.

All requests for refunds must be in by 31st May 2021.


Many thanks!

Click the button below for the form: